What is a monocultural society ?

A mono cultural society is one where the society has a common heritage. This is based on either the food or the attitude, language, racial features or religious beliefs. Such a society is considered as a homogeneous society where everyone has the same roots and background. The citizens of such a mono-cultural country should have the same belief structure which is based on the heritage of the nation. These beliefs form the psyche, the national identity and it also creates a strong bonded society.

These societies look inwards and not outwards and the television programs as well as various media too are locally centered. The cultural identity as well is heavily promoted and there is some amount of ignorance of the outside world. These societies tend to be very closed to anything which is out of their comfort zone and therefore, there are mistrustful of anything not connected with their society, their beliefs, their background and other such criteria.

These mono cultural societies often are suspicious of other nations and of other people who do not accept their beliefs. This is why most of them tend to be xenophobic.

These societies also support their own products rather than those of other nations and are proud of their economic achievements and their industries. They encourage nationally produced goods over others, which helps in times of recession but in expanding economies, the choice of the consumers are restricted heavily as most of the products which are not produced locally or nationally are not available.

These societies are safer for people that are identified as one of them. They are conservative in their beliefs and especially when in regards to change. These societies when threatened bond faster but they are also responsible for ethnic abuse.

Usually it is recession which creates mono-cultural societies and societies which are mono-cultural in their outlook.

In the world as we know it, there are almost no nations which are truly mono-cultural in nature. This is the result of migration, intermingling, globalization and the ease as well as decreasing cost of travel. Infact, this is perceived as a good thing as mono-cultural societies are known to have created the worst genocides in history. There was the Armenian holocaust which was by Turkey, there was the bloodshed in Rwanda and the Balkans, the holocaust of the Jews and others not belonging to the Nazi race which was conducted by the Nazi Germans who claimed to be Aryans.


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